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Community Relations Committee

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Mission Statement:

Cá tiềnOur mission is to promote positive relations throughout Easthampton's diverse population. We will work to build a sense of inclusion, community, and pride, where community members feel welcome, accepted, and valued.

Vision Statement:

We envision creating an Easthampton community in which all members have a voice, are connected, and feel empowered. By 2025, we will:

  • Provide opportunities for open dialogue
  • Connect citizens to their government
  • Support Easthampton on its path to becoming a community of Good Neighbors

Committee Members:

Emily Britton
Patricia Dougherty, Co-chair
Abbie Goldberg
Margaret Kierstein
Debora Lusnia, Co-chair
Jon Norman
Alissa O'Leary
Myra Oyedemi
Rebecca Passa, Secretary
Mary Lou Splain
Gabriella Stevenson

Appointing Authority: Easthampton Mayor
Confirming Authority: City Council
Number of Members (11)
Terms (3 years)

Upcoming Events:

A Community Forum on how to communicate effectively and respectfully with people who have different ideological and political perspectives.  Date/time: TBA


Typically, the first Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm. (At times, every 2 weeks)

There is a designated “Public Speak” time at all regular meetings.
Members of the community can address the committee at that time.
Cá tiền(Meetings that are designated as work sessions typically do not include a time for “Public Speak”)

Cá tiềnMeetings are currently held electronically, on Zoom, due to the pandemic. 

A link to attend an upcoming meeting may be found here:  Agendas & Minutes 

Community Input Form:

Have any comments, questions, suggestions?
Concerns, complaints, or compliments?
Click to download and fill out our  Community Input Form

 City-SPIRIT Report: (City-Site Problem Identification & Resolution of Issues Together)

This report is a compilation of issues in Easthampton, and recommended solutions, developed by a group of community leaders in June of 2018.
The Community Relations Committee was formed as a result of this report.

Contact Us:
Phone: (413) 529-1470

Mail: Community Relations Committee
          City of Easthampton
          50 Payson Avenue
          Easthampton, MA  01027

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Main Phone Number 413-529-1400
Municipal Building 50 Payson Avenue, Easthampton, MA 01027